Dear Brothers and Sisters it has come to my attention that a vote was conducted over the last two (2) days to decide if you and your fellow Paragon PSO's wish to ratify a new CBA under your present International Union. Below is the results of that ratification election vote. 142 NO to 57 yes. It should also be noted that the ratification vote was terminated early by the administrator.


We are now being told that a new ratification vote is now taken place and many of the PSO's have NOT received ballots causing much confusion among the membership. The other confusion and major concern of the membership is whether or not the NLRB will process the filed LEOSU-CA petition and hold a NLRB election should this new ratification vote somehow gets ratified?

Based on the NLRB's rules & procedures, no matter whether this new ratification passes or fails there WILL be an NLRB election to decide which Union you wish to represent you for the purposes of collective bargaining, since under 9-580 the "Premature Extension" Doctrine, extensions cannot serve to deprive a petitioner of the open period under the original contract. M.C.P. Foods, 311 NLRB 1159 (1993). 

In addition to the above a NLRB petition was filed on 6/11/2020 @ 3:07 am Eastern time / 12:07 am Pacific time (See the enclosed petition here) which was prior to the ratification vote on 6/11/2020 and which was terminated by the administrator @ 2:15 pm. Since your present CBA clearly states that the effective dates of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement shall be the date of ratification (September 9, 2017) through October 15, 2020, we have filed our petition in a timely manner and within the window period of sixty (60 to 90) to ninety days prior to the expiration date of the third year, which is September 9, 2020, since your CBA was ratified on September 9, 2017 and this became your effective date.


Rest assure the LEOSU-CA will continue to monitor this situation & We Will Continue to Fight For YOU and your Fellow PSO'S.... YOUR VOICES MATTER!

See Enclosed NLRB Documents