Negotiating union contracts is a skill that takes many years of experience to learn. Our experience team of negotiators have negotiated hundreds of contracts. We know how to identify goals and develop a bargaining strategy to achieve those goals and reach our objectives.

In a unionized workplace, employment contracts are negotiated through the collective bargaining process. Individuals selected to represent the unionized employees come together with representatives of the employer to carve out an agreement on issues such as wages, overtime, training, health care, vacation time, retirement, and other benefits and workplace standards. Whether you are bargaining on behalf of a small bargaining unit of less than 10 special police officers or a large bargaining unit of a 100 or more special police officers, to negotiate a union contract requires the same amount of time and bargaining skills as well as knowledge of applicable labor laws. 

Paragon negotiations @ USCIS in Washington DC

Paragon negotiations @ New York City Contract

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