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Paragon PSO's Everywhere Deserve RESPECT!

BREAKING NEWS: LEOSU-CA WINS AGAIN AS NLRB ORDERS A DIRECTION OF A  Mail Ballot Election to Begin August 17TH With a Ballot Count on September 9th

Notice of Los Angeles Election Its Time To Make Your Voice Heard LEOSU-CA YES!



LEOSU-CA Wins Again - NLRB Order Denying Intervenors Motion to Dismiss Our Los Angeles, Orange County & Surrounding Area Petition 

LEOSU-CA Los Angeles Post Hearing Brief

BREAKING NEWS: CBP Air & Marine Operations Center (AMOC) Paragon Officers Now Join the Fight For RESPECT Seeking LEOSUCA Representation!

Intervenors first submitted documents.

NLRB Form 4701

Motion to Intervene

Exhibit A CBA

Exhibit B Certification of Representative


Intervenors' Amended documents.

Intervenors’ First Amended Motion to Intervene

Amended Exhibit A CBA

Intervenors’ Position Statement and Motion to Dismiss

Exhibit B to PS and Motion in re 21-RC-262650

Petitioners Statement of Position

Petitioners Statement of Position filed 7/20/2020

A NLRB Hearing is set for Monday July 27th since the Board agent says that spfpa will not stipulate that there is no contract bar despite overwhelming evidence clearly showing no contract bar exists.

Paragon Statement of Position Supports LEOSU-CA's Position that there is NO Contract Bar Citing:

Company presently has no CBA that covers this facility. The AMOC facility used to be covered under Company's Government Contract with FPS/DHS in Los Angeles until Summer 2017. After notice to Company, Government moved the AMOC facility to be covered under a different Government Contract (with Customs Border Protection). Presently AMOC is covered under a stand alone Paragon/CPB Contract. Prior to this petition, Company and SPFPA were in the process of negotiating a new CBA to cover AMOC, understanding that no CBA existed to cover AMOC. Those negotiations are on hold, pending election results.

LEOSU-CA Wins Again as the NLRB Rules Not to Dismiss Our AMOC Petition. A NLRB Hearing took place on Monday July 27th

NLRB Email Documents presented at 8/27 NLRB Hearing clearly show AMOC was Carved out of the Unit & their wage rate is $32.18 per hour vs $33.18 under the Local 52 Agreement.

This June 19, 2020 Email Below reveals AMOC was "CARVED OUT" of the Local 52 CBA Agreement which clearly disproves the Contract Bar argument

Below is another email clearly showing the Unit was "CARVED" out of the Local 52 Agreement

Below is another email dated February 7, 2020 clearly showing the Unit was "CARVED" out of the Local 52 Agreement

Under this Letter of Agreement it clearly shows Local 52 officers working in Riverside are making $33.18 per hour vs $32.18 per hour for the AMOC officers. If AMOC was really part of this Agreement they would be at the higher rate. BUT THEY ARE NOT!

Official NLRB Documents presented at the 8/27 NLRB Hearing clearly show under AMOC's newly negotiated stand alone draft agreement that their current wage rate will remain the same $32.18 per hour with NO Wage Increase for 2020. This Agreement also removes AMOC officers from Local 52 & it was NOT subject to Ratification by the Membership.

Read our Attorney's Post Hearing AMOC Brief to Find Out What's Really is Going On.

From Washington DC, to Kentucky to New York City to Los Angeles, California Paragon PSO's are Demanding RESPECT

& LEOSU is Leading the Battle

Our Condolences go out to our Brother Patrick Underwood and his family and friends who was shot and killed at the Federal Building in Oakland Friday night while on duty during the riots. 


Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions LEOSU-CA Organizing Director Steve Maritas noted that "all our members should take extra precautions while working and in uniform as these riots continue nationwide. While we all mourn the senseless killing of George Floyd and we respect the right of those who continue to protest, we say that these protests must be peaceful and "This Violence Must Stop."

“Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. I am not unmindful of the fact that violence often brings about momentary results. Nations have frequently won their independence in battle. But in spite of temporary victories, violence never brings permanent peace.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Jennifer Tong, the officer's supervisor, has set up a GoFundMe page to help his family.

Acting Secretary Wolf Honors FPS PSO Patrick Underwood and the Federal Protective Service Family

LEOSU Leads the Way for All PSO's Nationwide to Receive Lost Wages under the CARES ACT

LEOSU also Leads the Way in having been selected to give weekly input on DHS Return to the Workplace DHS COVID-19 Committee.

LEOSU continues to fight for Paid Sick Leave, Better PPE, Hazard Pay for all PSO's who are Essential Workers Nationwide!

Washington D.C.  June 4, 2020 DHS COVID-19 Update


LEOSU continues to be a leader in representing Law Enforcement, Security Police, Special Police & Protective Security Officers PSO's across the country concerning COVID-19 safety awareness.

Update: June 4, 2020: LEOS-PBA, LEOSU Organizing Director Steve Maritas once again participated with & gave input to DHS Government/Industry leaders in the COVID-19 update by-weekly meeting  headed by DHS Chief Procurement Officer Soraya Correa and Paul Courtney. 

Return to the Workplace AIR Executive Summary - May 28 2020 


Return to the Workplace – Establishing a New Normal Acquisition Innovation Roundtable June 11, 2020 agenda 

California Lawmakers urge studies on how trauma, post-traumatic stress impacts police officers’ use of force LEOSU Organizing Director Steve Maritas Speaks in Support of the Bill in this TV Interview.

Capitol Hill & White House reporter-Joe-


The Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions (LEOSU) is a full-service labor organization formed to provide every labor related service  from  negotiations,  grievance processing, legal and legislative representation.



We help assist you in forming a security union under LEOSU at your work-site from beginning to the end. This includes running your campaign, filing your petition, communicating  with the NLRB in preparation of signing an election agreement and achieving victory through a NLRB secret ballot election.



Negotiating union contracts is a skill that takes many years of experience to learn. Our experience team of negotiators have negotiated hundreds of contracts. We know how to identify goals and develop a bargaining strategy to achieve those goals and reach our objectives.



To All Paragon PSO's in the Los Angeles, If your NOT happy with the representation your receiving from your present International Union or you are just looking for a Better Union to represent you, then we ask that you take Action and Join LEOSU-CA Today. 

Why should you JOIN LEOSU-CA?
To protect our own we will fight tirelessly to ensure that our officers maintain their rights and receive benefits that are deserving of the job. We will continue to improve the legislation that protects and affects our officers on post and patrol, as well as representing the needs of officers and support personnel, whether that is for better & safer working conditions, PPE equipment, more staff, COVID-19 hazard pay, or a fair wage for all Paragon PSO's from New York to Los Angeles, California.
What are some of the major differences between LEOSU-CA & other International Security Unions?
  • We work for YOU - NOT Paragon Management! 
  • We Don't do BACK DOOR Deals like some other security unions do!
  • NO Secret Behind the Scene Negotiations without a Bargaining Committee being present and without Membership Input like some security unions do!
  • We don't do PHONY Ratification Votes like some security unions do! 
  • We are there to Represent our Members when you are in trouble, Write Ups, Suspensions & Terminations, unlike some security unions!
  • Our monthly dues are LOWER 2 x your hourly rate per month vs. 2.5 times the rate some security unions charge!
  • Our union LEOSU-CA is characterized by three core values: personalized service, transparency, and results!
  • To better service you and your fellow PSO's we have opened our new office @  ARCO Tower, 1055 West 7th Street, 33rd Floor (Penthouse) Los Angeles, CA 90017.
  • We are available to answer your calls 24/7. 
  • We believe better communication between you & your International is essential. This includes a local union website, online grievance form making it easier to file grievances, quarterly Local / International meetings, Leadership & shop steward training programs. Quarterly newsletters, Keeping you up to date on COVID-19 events and guide lines, just to name a few.
  • Once we organize your group we plan on hiring a full-time & part-time Business Agent to service the Los Angeles & surrounding area & to do on-site visits!
  • We will be establishing your own Local Union whereby you will elect your own Local Union officers & Shop Stewards. In addition we will be establishing a full service National Union in the state of California. This includes retaining local Legal Counsel. to better service our California membership.
  • We are NOT afraid to go to Arbitration -  Especially if you are terminated by the company and we provide an attorney for all arbitration's. Most recently our attorney's were able to get a FIRED Paragon officer in Washington DC her job back with full back pay $5,000 for an unjust firing!
  • Two weeks ago 3 Paragon PSO's were all terminated for just cause and our Union LEOSU was successful in negotiating with the company and getting all 3 terminated PSO's their job back!
  • We provide an attorney for all negotiations for large groups such as yours, unlike other security unions!
  • We are also planning to hire a Local Labor attorney to assist both your Local, the National Union and the membership.
  • As part of our plan to achieve the best possible CBA we will survey the entire Paragon Systems PSO's to get better input on what you are seeking to change in your new LEOSU-CA / Paragon collective bargaining agreement. Thereafter, your elected negotiating committee will meet with Paragon management to discuss and negotiate these changes. Once completed, YOU WILL HAVE THE RIGHT to RATIFY your contract before it is accepted. NO BACK ROOM DEALS - NO PHONY RATIFICATION VOTES!
  • We believe all Paragon PSO's should have the right to choose whether or not to receive their Health & Welfare money in cash. You should also have the right to choose the healthcare provider of choice and the level of benefits based on your families needs. This will be one of our top priorities @ the bargaining table! 
  • No one will be required to pay dues until we have a ratified contract!
  • We will NOT sell you back once you join LEOSU-CA like some security Unions have done. NO BACK ROOM DEALS!
  • Unlike other security unions the LEOSU is Corruption Free. Not one of our locals and/or any of its officers have ever been charged or convicted of embezzling union funds. A record we are proud of!​
YES WE CAN: Congratulations, because of your efforts & commitment, we have successfully accomplished our goal of signing up at least 180 Los Angeles Paragon PSO's in less than 1o days giving us majority status.
Please Note that all parties have filed their position statements and that we will most likely be going to a hearing since the Intervenor continues to raise issues which can only be decided through a hearing.
Intervenors Position
Employers Position - Proceed to an Election
LEOSU-CA Response to Intervenors Position
If you haven't signed up, Don't Wait Take ACTION NOW & Join The Fight For RESPECT! Thank You for Your Support and be Safe!
ARCO Tower, 1055 West 7th Street, 33rd Floor (Penthouse) Los Angeles, CA 90017

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